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James Prower

James Prower is a Canadian author of sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural fiction. Prower's stories center on parallel universes, mysterious objects from other worlds, and happenstance meetings with strange, rare creatures. If you’d like to speak with James about his work, or inquire about anything else, send him an email or message him on Twitter.

James Prower

Old Mill Bridge

Little Creek folk know the rule: don’t go down by Old Mill Bridge. Produced by Phil Michalski, and narrated by David Cummings. Story starts around 1:25:15.

James Prower

A Being of Some Cosmic Importance

The first entry in its broader mythos, A Being of Some Cosmic Importance establishes Prower's dystopian universe. Visions of space travel, futuristic prisons, and portals abound in the story of 89 and his struggle to survive in President Kleane's Martian colony. How much power do we really have to sway the vast forces that shape us? And if we choose to use our power, are we ready to face the consequences?

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